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Conquering the GMAT doesn’t require a genius or a background in Math or Business. It requires:

Providing enough time to prepare — don’t leave studying to the last minute.

Identifying the specific areas that need strengthening.

Training yourself to think and act as great leaders do. Many of the GMAT questions will test your leadership skills such as the ability to see the big picture without overlooking the small details, to communicate effectively and to choose the best methods to solve problems.

Studying for the GMAT will provide you with the skills needed to excel in any MBA program.

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The founder is a proud graduate of the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business MBA Program. Prior to that, she had worked for Sony Electronics Inc., San Diego, for over 10 years designing consumer products.

GMAT Pros has helped many students over the past few years. We provide targeted and comprehensive live-online tutoring, providing our clients with the guidance and knowledge to ace the GMAT. We’ve celebrated many successes with our clients and we’d love to celebrate your success!

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“Great tutor I learned a lot and feel ready for my test tomorrow”

C. M., August 2020

“Diana was very patient in explaining the concepts, even when it took multiple iterations for me to understand them. Her math techniques sped up the time it took for me to solve problems saving more time in the end. She is also very encouraging making it less stressful entering exam day. Thanks, Diana!”

S. P., May, 2019

“A great first session. Diana is fast paced and very through. I am excited to continue learning. She uses her experiences with the test and makes you aware of how the test is testing you.”

G. G. July, 2020

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