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Amrit Berar
Amrit Berar
I highly recommend Diana as a tutor for GMAT prep. She played a pivotal role in my studies and helped me get into my top 2 business schools!! She is all the things you would want and look for in a tutor. She is very supportive, motivating, patient and kind. One thing that stood out to me was how invested she was in my journey and wanting to see me succeed. It was evident that my success was also her success. Many tutors won’t even go a minute over. But Diana was never fixated on the time and money. She made sure that I was comfortable and confident before she left every meeting. Diana also did a great job at teaching me concepts. This helped me attempt questions with greater insight. Lastly, she was a great communicator and was always available to me over text or call. Thank you Diana for all your support! I made it to my dream school with your help.
Doha S.
Doha S.
Diana is excellent and I already feel more confident going with my preparation for the exam. She brings her own experience and thought process from taking the GMAT which is a big help for me.

“Great tutor I learned a lot and feel ready for my test tomorrow”
C. M., August 2020

“Diana was very patient in explaining the concepts, even when it took multiple iterations for me to understand them. Her math techniques sped up the time it took for me to solve problems saving more time in the end. She is also very encouraging making it less stressful entering exam day. Thanks, Diana!”
S. P., May, 2019

“A great first session. Diana is fast paced and very through. I am excited to continue learning. She uses her experiences with the test and makes you aware of how the test is testing you.”
G. G. July, 2020